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La physiothérapeute Marie-Josée Morneau entrain de donner un traitement de physiothérapie à un patient.



Physiotherapists are highly skilled health professionals trained in university medical schools. Their expertise allows them to respond to a multitude of problems and conditions related to your physical health in order to support you in achieving your rehabilitation and performance goals.

We offer physiotherapy services for all ages and for the whole family. We also have particular expertise in the field of sports physiotherapy and in a multitude of varied approaches.


Get you back on your feet so you can reconnect with your activities and passions, that is our mission!

We treat patients with :


We are experts in several areas of physiotherapy.


Sports or everyday injuries

Whether it is during the practice of a sporting activity or while going down the stairs in your home, an accident unfortunately happens quickly. No worries, our physiotherapists are experts for these types of injuries.


Various pains


When it comes to treating pain (for example in the back, neck or head), whether acute, persistent or chronic, our priority is both to reduce this pain, to work in depth on causes and better manage it if it cannot be eliminated entirely.

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Postoperative rehabilitation


From anterior cruciate ligament repair to rotator cuff reconstruction, a physiotherapist will take care of you from day 1 until you are fully recovered.

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Several of our physiotherapists are trained to provide complete and rapid care to people who have suffered a concussion, whether it is the result of sports or any other type of activity.

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Temporomandibular joint

The head-neck-jaw complex is often the site of problems with pain , stiffness, abnormal noises, and blockages that can greatly affect many activities of daily living. Fortunately, our physiotherapist  offers very effective treatments in this area and we will be able to help you.

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Whether it is a question of congenital torticollis, abnormalities in child development, deviation of the spine or problems related to growth, our  physiotherapist has the qualities necessary to help your little ones or your teenagers to grow well.

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Vestibular problems
(dizziness and lightheadedness)

Positional vertigo is a form of dizziness caused by changes in the position of the head and is caused by a disorder of the inner ear. If you have this condition, a physiotherapist can assess you and perform treatments to eliminate the dizziness.

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Runner or bike positioning assessment

Running or riding better, faster and without injury, that is the motivation that our physiotherapists when analyzing your race or positioning bike. Equipped with the most adequate equipment and the most up-to-date training, your therapist will find the detail that will make all the difference.


Please refer to the CNESST/SAAQ/Military/Veterans in order to access all the information necessary to open a file in our clinic. 

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