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Your new chapter at VIVA

We are multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinics and services. It is with heart and skills that our multidisciplinary team will make every effort to help our clients recover from an injury, surpass their limits and develop their full potential!

Everyone will tell you that what characterizes our clinics is the warmth of the relationships we build with our patients, as well as our great expertise, acquired through the extensive experience and cutting-edge training of our clinicians. Moreover, when it comes to choosing a member of our team, we only aim for excellence.

At VIVA Physio Santé, we constantly strive to offer a high degree of satisfaction with our services in achieving your goals. You will see, the quality of our interventions and the positive energy that we will transmit to you will make all the difference for you.

We look forward to getting to know you and becoming health partners for the betterment of our customers!

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Jobs available

Send us your application now by providing us with your curriculum vitae and a cover letter .

We are currently recruiting:

Spontaneous application

Being part of the VIVA Physio Santé team means working to improve the health of our clients. We are always looking for passionate professionals and dedicated support staff to complement our team.

Send us your unsolicited application now, including your CV and a cover letter.

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Stéphanie Shedleur, B. Sc. pht

Stephanie, physiotherapist

A wonderful team and clientele that have allowed me to flourish every day for 14 years.

Laurie-Anne Gagné, marketing manager VIVA Physio Santé_edited.jpg

Laurie-Anne, former employee

I loved working at VIVA Physio Santé. The team is great, then I had the chance to learn and take up great challenges in my early career.

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