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André Darveau-Maître, M. Sc. pht.jpg

Offered services :


Sports physiotherapy

Concussion management

First aid and first responders for sports injuries

Manual therapy



I am available at:



450 641-4610

André Darveau-Maurais


M.Sc. pht


André Darveau-Maurais completed his master's degree in physiotherapy at the University of Montreal in 2011. He discovered his passion for sports injuries while practicing taekwondo for many years.  


Since then, he has taken the sports first responder course to become more involved in the sports world. He also professionally accompanied the Montreal Carabins men's volleyball team.  He has also been involved in numerous sports teams in various sports, including soccer, hockey, football and gymnastics.


André constantly continues to deepen his knowledge. Among other things, he followed the manual therapy curriculum (upper and lower quadrants level 3) and also specialized in dynamic shoulder dysfunctions. In recent years, he has also been involved in the assessment and follow-up of concussions.   


On a personal level, André has been climbing since 2016.


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