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Ergothérapie VIVA Physio Santé

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is activity therapy.  This service is offered to people whose ability to function every day is impaired by an orthopedic injury or physical illness.

Occupational therapists examine not only the physical limitations of an illness or injury, but also the psychosocial and environmental factors that influence a person's functioning.


Their aim is therefore to help the patient achieve a satisfying and independent lifestyle in the activities of daily living, as well as in their work or studies. The CNESST, the SAAQ and several group insurance companies cover occupational therapy services.

Occupational therapy is also for children whose ability to function every day is impaired by an orthopedic injury, physical illness or adjustment problem.


Occupational therapy services include:

  • sensory rehabilitation of pain

  • visit to the workplace

  • a functional capacity assessment

  • a pre-employment assessment

  • preparing to return to work

  • driving assessment

  • hand therapy

Occupational therapy and mental health

Occupational therapy is a discipline that also effectively treats certain mental health problems.

Indeed, life throws us challenges and sometimes our worries can last a long time. We feel pressure and stress for many different reasons, but when our worries are intense and make us feel constantly overwhelmed, it can have negative effects on our health and well-being.

Occupational therapy can help you manage your stress and cope with challenges in several ways:

  • developing self-improvement strategies

  • making you more aware of your situation

  • making changes for a healthy lifestyle

  • finding a work-life balance

  • prioritizing personal care

  • expanding your social support

  • helping you better manage challenges

Please note that our occupational therapy service is currently only available in tele-rehabilitation , for an indefinite period.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or to make an appointment! 

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