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Massothérapie VIVA Physio Santé

Massage therapy

Our clinics mainly offer four (4) types of massage: masso-kinesitherapy, lymphatic drainage, massage with suction cups and sports massage.  Regardless of the type, massage has many positive effects:

On the structure and posture of your body:

  • relieves back pain;

  • makes your muscles more flexible and elastic;

  • helps to release your tensions.

On how your whole body works:

  • soothes and calms; relieves pain;

  • improves your sleep;

  • improves blood and lymphatic circulation, which produces better oxygenation and better elimination of toxins.

On the sensory and psychomotor levels:

  • increases awareness of your body;

  • awakens your sense of touch and sharpens your perceptions;

  • promotes greater circulation of energy.

On the psychological and emotional levels:

  • increases awareness of your emotions:

  • contributes to open-mindedness and resistance to stress.

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This text is taken from the website of the  Quebec Federation of Massage Therapists .

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