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Our mission

Provide our clients, considered members of our big family, with an exceptional healthcare experience in order to help them fully reconnect with their activities and passions.

Our vision

Thanks to our contribution, our client-partners have progressed towards a state of health, vitality and a better life which allows them to fulfill their aspirations.

Our values


It means that you, our customers, and your health and well-being are constantly at the center of our concerns and actions. With us, you will be listened to and treated with empathy.


We believe in family and family values; that's why we treat all of your family, regardless of generation, and take care of you like our own. Moreover, as a customer, you become a member of the VIVA Physio Santé family. 


It means that the therapists in our clinics work collaboratively, all together, to serve you better, but also that we team up with you to become partners in your health.


At VIVA Physio Santé, no time to be negative. Yes, life poses challenges for all of us, whether health or otherwise, but we choose to look positively at things, find solutions and move forward.


Don't ever let go, never give up. Stay hopeful, because we, like you, know that results come with work, effort and time, and those who persevere are those who push their limits and succeed.


Performance means getting results. Whether it is to help our clientele of athletes to improve their performance, or to support all those who aim to regain their full autonomy following an operation, an injury or any other condition, we deploy all our means to help you perform healthy, that is to say to achieve your results in a sustainable way. 


Health is essential for our development, which is our ultimate goal. We therefore wish to contribute, even modestly, to your full development, as we ourselves, as professionals, wish to flourish in this work that we love so much.

Notre mission
Pourquoi nos cliniques?

Why our clinics?

It is with heart and skills that our multidisciplinary team will do everything to help you recover from an injury, exceed your limits and develop your full potential!


Everyone will tell you that what characterizes our clinics is the warmth of the relationships we build with our patients, as well as our great expertise, acquired through the vast experience and advanced training of our clinicians. Moreover, when it comes to choosing a member of our team, we only aim for excellence.


At VIVA Physio Santé, we are constantly concerned with offering a high level of satisfaction with our services in achieving your goals. You will see, the quality of our interventions and the positive energy that we will transmit to you, will make all the difference for you.

We look forward to getting to know you, treating you and becoming the partners of choice in your health!

100% guarantee on your experience

At VIVA Physio Santé, we guarantee your experience with us.  We are convinced that our approach and our attention to you will meet your expectations, but if it happens that your satisfaction is not complete in terms of experience, we invite you to let us know as soon as possible. We will make sure to correct the situation so that it does not happen again and to offer you a next session at our expense or a refund as the case may be.

Notre histoire
Pourquoi le nom Viva?

Our history

Our story begins with the opening of a clinic in Boucherville under the Action Sport Physio banner in December 1997. Our clinic immediately stood out for its involvement in the community, particularly in amateur sport.


The Longueuil clinic opened in 2004 when it moved to the premises of the Collège Français sports center, which allowed soccer and hockey student-athletes to benefit from our treatments and our sound advice.


It must be said that sport has always been part of our DNA, whether it be from our collaboration with the 2014 Quebec Games in Longueuil through our involvement with the soccer, football or triathlon teams in Boucherville, not to name only those. This is not surprising when we know that many of our clinicians are athletes themselves, including Marie-Josée Morneau, owner and physiotherapist, who competed in the Olympic Games in Atlanta, and her sister, Isabelle Morneau, also a physiotherapist, who was part of the Canadian Soccer team and participated in 4 World Cups.


Despite their extensive experience working with sports clients, our Boucherville and Longueuil clinics have also continued to develop diversified expertise in order to offer high-quality services to meet the needs of all families and the community.


Whether for a pediatric, geriatric or postoperative clientele, or for rehabilitation following any type of injury or impairment, ranging even from people with vertigo problems to those requiring perineal and pelvic rehabilitation, we have definitely an expert to help you.


The year 2021 marks the next big step for our Boucherville and Longueuil clinics with the creation of our new identity. Indeed, we now operate our 2 clinics under the dynamic and engaging name of VIVA Physio Santé !

A new name that we have created to symbolize our desire to continue to take up with even more force and conviction the challenge of offering our customers ever better, ever more innovative and ever more efficient services to achieve their health goals, performance and better living. To this we say: VIVA!

Bourse pour athlètes-étudiants

Why the name VIVA?

The word VIVA first of all evokes dynamism and good humor, like the constructive and warm relationship that we want to build with our customers.


As health professionals, we also always want to keep a festive and positive spirit in our work, and the word VIVA reflects the pleasure we have in doing what we do, which is to take care of you.


The word VIVA also refers to a celebration of life, achievement and success, despite the difficulties that one can experience on a daily basis and over time.


In a very similar sense, it also evokes the french word "VIVANT" (ALIVE), which reminds us of the fundamental aspect of what we work on, as health professionals, that is to say on the living, on the stimulation of the process of regeneration and repair of cells in your body, as well as its functions and mobility, so that you can recover your health.

Student-athlete scholarship

Promoting health and healthy lifestyles from an early age has always been at the heart of our mission. We are therefore proud to encourage young athletes who sometimes need a little help to pursue their dream and to reconcile their high-level sporting activity and their studies in a healthy way.


This is why our clinics, sponsored by Erivan, have offered each year, since 2015, a scholarship in money and services to student-athletes from the region who stand out for the excellence of their academic and athletic success.


The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are:


  • Be under the age of 21 (by December 31, 2024) and have been a full-time or part-time student during the year in which the scholarship was awarded;

  • Be part of an elite team, a provincial team or be identified as an emerging athlete;

  • Complete the application form and send it to us no later than April 30, 2024 to the following email address:

This year, two $500 scholarships will be offered after the review of the files, and a value of $1,000 in service will be drawn among those present at the awards ceremony.


Do not hesitate to promote this scholarship in your circles or to encourage an athlete-student that you know to submit his application. Good luck to everyone!

Programme d'aide financière aux traitements

Financial assistance program for treatment

Committed to helping low-income people access quality treatment when the need arises, VIVA Physio Santé has set up a financial assistance program for them.


To access this program, people must meet the following criteria:


  1. Be a recipient or come from a family that receives financial support from the government (unemployment insurance or social assistance);

  2. Have a medical prescription for the service requested.

To access this financial assistance for treatment, we invite you to contact us by email or phone and your file will be quickly assessed by a member of our team. Please note that this program is offered as long as the funds allocated annually for this purpose are available.  


If you wish to contribute financially to this fund to help treat people in need as a donor, please contact Marie-Josée Morneau, owner of VIVA Physio Santé, at:


Do you want to be part of an incredible team, which works with passion, excellence, heart and skills?


It's simple: if you are good at your field, want to constantly learn, improve, and deliver exceptional service, if when you read our Mission, Vision and Values you find this sounds like you, then join you to our team, we will welcome you with open arms!


To apply for a position posted here or for any unsolicited application, you can reach us by email at the following address:

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