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Kinésiologie VIVA Physio Santé


The practice of physical activity is one of the best ways to regain and maintain good physical and psychological health.

The kinesiologist is a physical activity professional who is able to assess your physical condition and suggest integrating physical activity into your daily life while keeping you motivated.

Its mission is to encourage the population to discover and develop a taste for the benefits of being physically active throughout life in order to reduce the risk factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

In terms of prevention, the kinesiologist is equipped to prescribe exercises allowing anyone to improve their quality of life, whether through better cardiovascular health or by reducing the risk of developing injuries, pain or pathologies, in addition to supporting good mental health.

In terms of performance, kinesiology makes it possible to optimize the biomechanics of movement and train better cardiovascular and muscular capacities. Whether for a sport, for fitness, weight loss or even to join the ranks of the police , the kinesiologist will know how to build a high-performance body while reducing the risk of injury.

Our kinesiologists or physiotherapists will advise you on an exercise program that you can indulge in at home or at the most convenient time for you.

VIVA Physio Santé - Maude Corbeil, kinesiologist.jpg

Maude Corbeil
Kinesiologist and Mental Trainer

Myriam Rose gray (1)_edited.jpg

Myriam Rose
Kinesiologist and Sports Therapist

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