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Coaching H.P. VIVA Physio Santé

High performance coaching

High performance coaching is for individuals or teams who wish to surpass themselves and increase their level of performance, in a sustainable, healthy, efficient and balanced way, regardless of their field or level.


Our VIVA Physio Santé clinics offer this service with the collaboration of a professional coach certified in high performance experience.


Through a rigorous, concrete and inspiring approach, high performance coaching will help you develop your full potential, as well as achieve and maintain the highest levels of performance in your field by learning and applying strategies. , techniques and tools based on best practices and research.


On a sporting level, we work with athletes, teams and coaches from the amateur to professional levels from around fifteen different disciplines.


To learn more about high performance coaching or to make an appointment , please contact us at 450 641-4610 , or by email at the following email address:

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