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450 641-4610

Véronique Bergeron



Véronique Bergeron is a graduate of the acupuncture program at Collège de Rosemont and is a member of the Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec.


Initially a musician, Véronique was made aware very early on of the physical and psychological ills of artists. It was through teaching for a long time that she was able to raise awareness among young people about their overall health.


Subsequently wanting to deepen the notions of Chinese medicine, which had itself helped her, Véronique turned to acupuncture. It is therefore with all her sensitivity, her empathy, her listening and her acupuncturist look that she accompanies you in your search for a better quality of life, for your own balance – an essential balance between the body and the mind, guarantee of health and well-being.


Constantly interested in developing her expertise and knowledge, Véronique, in particular, followed additional training in acupuncture in the fields of obstetrics (support for pregnant women), gynecology, pediatrics (the foundations of pediatric Tui Na) and in acupuncture and cancer, including an internship at the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

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