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Marie-Josée Morneau, B. Sc. pht

Offered services :


Sports physiotherapy

Concussion management

Treatment of scoliosis

Biomechanical Analysis of Running (Runner Assessment)

Manual therapy


I am available at:


To make an appointment with

Marie-Josée, please call

450 641-4610

You can reach Marie-Josée by email:

Marie-Josee Morneau


BSc pht

As the owner of the clinics VIVA Physio Santé of Boucherville and Longueuil, it is my pleasure to introduce you, in this section of our website, to our fantastic team of therapists who implement all their know-how and their heart to help you achieve your goals. rehabilitation, sports performance and better living.

I also take this opportunity to tell you a few words about me and my professional background:

A physiotherapist with nearly 25 years of experience, Marie-Josée also holds a major in physical education from the Université de Montréal, which gives her an excellent knowledge of physical activity and training methods.

4th dan black belt in judo, Marie-Josée has also been Canadian Champion 4 times. Her success and efforts earned her a place at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Today, she continues to be involved as a physiotherapist with national and provincial teams, and also has her national coaching certification for soccer. , volleyball and judo. Athlete at heart, she now practices sprint triathlons.

Marie-Josée continued her training as a physiotherapist through advanced manual therapy courses. She has also developed skills in the management of concussion, scoliosis, postoperative conditions and the follow-up of high level athletes.

Passionate about her profession, but also about health education, she was a lecturer in the physical rehabilitation program at the University of Montreal for 14 years. He is appreciated for his ability to popularize the functioning of the human body and medical jargon, both in teaching and in conferences.

Since 2003, she devotes her time to her clinics VIVA Physio Santé (formerly Action Sport Physio) of Boucherville and Longueuil, where she treats her patients and leads a team of competent and committed health professionals. In accordance with Law 25, as the owner of the clinics, Marie-Josée is the person responsible for the protection of personal information. It is possible to reach her directly by phone at the Boucherville clinic.

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