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Offered services :

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy with pediatric approach

Workstation assessment

Occupational therapy and mental health


I'm available :


450 641-4610

Jonathan Bolduc

Occupational Therapist



A graduate of the University of Sherbrooke, Jonathan is a clinician who practices occupational therapy with a diverse clientele whose needs are in both physical and mental health.

In addition to treating people injured on the road or at work, those in rehabilitation following an operation or a neurological disorder, those experiencing problems related to ergonomics or positioning, as well as people with mental disorders who wish to resuming their activities, Jonathan has developed particular expertise in chronic pain management with people who need to go back to work.

Jonathan is a passionate occupational therapist who listens to your needs. His optimism, his empathy, his interpersonal skills and his desire to help people realize their full potential make him a therapist who will know how to establish a solid collaborative relationship with you in order to help you achieve your goals and resume your activities and your occupations in a fulfilling way.



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