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Offered services :

Personalized training


Physical and Mental preparation


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450 641-4610

Maude Corbeil

Kinesiologist, Physical and Mental trainer

Maude Corbeil obtained her bachelor's degree in kinanthropology, kinesiology component, in 2015 at the University of Quebec in Montreal. In order to be able to better supervise her athletes on the psychological aspect of a performance, she continued her studies at the higher level.

Now holding a master's degree in kinanthropology with a sports psychology component, she also coaches athletes in mental preparation. His master's thesis topic was also on the influence of self-confidence, anxiety and mental preparation on sports performance - specialization in figure skating. She is often called upon to be a speaker for the off-ice component or during development seminars such as for athletes in the Olympic cycle.

A former ballerina and figure skater, she has been teaching skating for over 16 years. In recent years, she has been one of the mentor coaches for the development team: Patinage Rive-Sud.

For several years, Maude has also developed her expertise in downhill skiing, by training skiers from several elite teams in the off-piste physical aspect. She has also coached athletes in several sports disciplines such as hockey, soccer, basketball, football, dance and gymnastics.

Driven by the helping relationship, she works in mental preparation with these athletes as well as with a clientele requiring psychological support. His expertise has led him to give lectures on the importance of mental preparation under the title “I am not capable”.

Passionate about her work, she extends her clientele not only to the sports component, but to anyone who wants to get back into training or who needs a specific rehabilitation program. She has recently improved on cognitive training for the elderly.

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