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Caroline Venne


In addition to holding a BA in kinesiology in 2019, Caroline completed a DESS in clinical kinesiology at Université Laval in 2020.   That same year, she was certified as a clinical exercise physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Caroline has developed an expertise in rehabilitation for people with or in remission of cancer. She has also accumulated several years of experience with a diverse clientele, particularly those of pregnant or postpartum women, people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental health problems, or chronic pain.

Passionate about physical activities since always, Caroline currently practices running, bodybuilding, horseback riding, downhill skiing and ski touring. She was a Level 2 downhill ski driver for 5 years and played soccer for over 10 years. She has also coached group classes for the past 8 years.

An excellent popularizer, with a solid experience and in-depth knowledge of exercise physiology, Caroline gave various lectures on the benefits of physical activity in oncology, the importance of moving in women, and how to find and maintain motivation over time. 

Whether for performance improvement or for the benefits related to physical exercise, it also accompanies athletes who want, among other things, to prevent injuries. It educates runners in their practice and helps them achieve their goals. It guides and coaches people with and without chronic conditions who want to lead a safe and active lifestyle. 

Her professional mission is to improve the quality of life of people who consult her, based on science in a patient-centered approach.

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